The charity event: Gala of Hope 2017

26 outstanding artists among which, the sopranos Vesselina Kasarova and Malin Hartelius together with 30 Swiss-, Ukrainian- and International Volunteers offered their talent and time to support the children in Ukraine. The well booked Gala of Hope for traumatised Children took place at Tonhalle Zürich, on the 18th of June 2017. With the help of the Sponsors, Partners and private donors, we could cover the production expenses. We committed to give all proceeds through ticket sales to the charity.


Ticket sales of the Gala of Hope                                                       28'252.00 CHF

Exhibition, auction and donations                                                   5'294.90 CHF

Donations that went toward Hope worldwide directly               6'565.00 CHF

Total money raised for Helping Hand                                        40'111.90 CHF

With 28’000.- CHF we already supported 4 Children and War Rehabilitation camps in 4 Ukrainian Cities/Regions: Odessa/Mykolaiv, Marinka/Donetsk, Lugansk and Kiev

With the remaining 12'111.9 CHF for Helping Hand the Ukrainian Team is planning a 5th Children and War Rehabilitation program in one additional city and will be organising a summer camp where the goal is, to deepen the therapy for the children who previously went through the Rehabilitation Program. There might be a possibility for Volunteers from Switzerland to support the camp during the Summer 2018!


What happened with the Money of the Gala of Hope so far: In autumn 2017, in Odessa and in the Marika Region already  42 Volunteers and Therapist went through the Training for Children and War Rehabilitation Program or received supervision for their work with traumatised children. Through these Volunteers 310 Children have been offered socio-therapeutic help. Further volunteer trainings to be held in Kiev - January 2018, In Lugansk - February 2018 and thus more children (approximatly 240) will get the opportunity to overcome their fears and trauma that the war left behind.


Your support is still appreciated to the International Relief Project of Helping Hand: You can donate to HOPE worldwide Zurich*, Account number: 672102-11 / IBAN: CH 82 0483 5067 2102 1100 0, under the name of HOPE worldwide Zürich, Zürich, Credit Suisse AG, 8070 Zürich (Clearing Nr.: 4835 / BIC: CRESCHZZ80A), Reference / Purpose: Program Helping Hand – Ukraine, for a tax-exempt donation which will go directly to Helping Hand.

*HOPE worldwide Zurich has a tax-exempt status registered by the Zurich Tax authority and the Register of Commerce. Since the foundation of HOPE worldwide Zurich, 100% of all donations from private individuals went directly to support charitable programs.

Photo Galery

The Artists

The Artists: Many of the artists that performed are some of the best in their field.


They offered their talent to support the children in Ukraine. Every dance piece was played live, which gave a flow through the program.


The instrumental ensemble accompanied the Ballet and Opera highlights in an excellent manner. The first concertmaster of the Opera House Zürich, Bartek Niziol guided the ensemble with his experience and sensibility.


The two Opera stars, Vesselina Kasarova and Malin Hartelius, engaged the public with their warmth, playfulness and of course their mastery.

Purpose of the event

The Gala of Hope aims to raise funds to support children affected by hostilities in Eastern Ukraine. All the income will be given to the Helping Hand international relief project, organized by the non-political and worldwide active HOPE worldwide Ukraine charity foundation.

Artist Statements

- Vesselina Kasarova: "Artists are very sensitive people who are touched by such sad themes. It is self-evident that I am committed to charity activities. When I was free and on the spot, I always gladly and voluntarily participated. For I am very glad to help with this indirect way, and I feel particularly well connected as a mother of an eighteen-year-old son."


- Arman Grigoryan, Ballet Soloist: “To be able help people in need with Art is privilege. I am honored to be able to do so.”


- Anna Khamzina, Ballet Soloist: "Dancing is what I do. For me it's an easy thing to do. It's a small thing that I can do, but I hope it will bring a lot of help for children in need."


- Ruslan Lutsyk, Bassist: “One does, what one can do.”


In May 2013 the Ensemble u l t r a S c h a l l, led by Julia Medugno, took part in the Easter Festival “Lord through thy strength”, performing the German Requiem of J. Brahms with 10 contemporary dancers in the “Tchaikovsky Hall” of the National Music Academy in Kiev. Unfortunately, due to the hostilities in 2014, the valuable collaboration could not be continued. The sudden interruption of the collaboration with our Ukrainian partners made us aware of the serious consequences of the military actions on children and their parents. As we could no longer continue the artistic collaboration, I, Julia Medugno decided to help them by organizing a music and dance gala in cooperation with HOPE worldwide Ukraine and their programme Helping Hand. 

u l t r a S c h a l l, as a non-profit organization without a political purpose, seeks to support Hope worldwide, through the Gala of Hope, in providing humanitarian aid and psychological assistance to ‘the world’s most poor, sick and suffering’. This year, we will focus our efforts on the project Helping Hand in the Ukraine. In the future, we wish to organize charity galas for other affected areas of the world.